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four workers of total tree services performing arboreal services

Arborial Services

Arborists are specialists in the care and management of trees. Highly trained through formal education and ‘on the job’ training, an Arborist can assist individual homeowners, farmers, local authorities and businesses in managing their tree and flora assets.

Well maintained trees provide welcome shade and are visually appealing whether they are located on a standard suburban block or in the middle of a farming paddock.

Arborial services offered by Total Tree Services include:

  • Inspections of large trees for rot and other pests and disease.
  • Providing recommendations and solutions to an individual or large-scale tree management problems.
  • Developing ongoing care management plans for endangered and valuable tree assets.
  • Advice and assistance in eradicating designated ‘pest’ trees and flora.
  • Plans and advice for cost-effective tree management.
  • Tree lopping and pruning.
a total tree services worker performing the mulch


Toowoomba Mulch supplied by Total Tree Services:

Shredded hardwood is a great mulch that spreads easily and is long-lasting. It has a superior ability to control weeds and retain soil moisture when applied at a recommended depth. When it breaks down over time it enriches the soil with organic material.

We recommend leaving fresh mulch to sit for 4-8 weeks before use, if possible, OR we readily supply seasoned mulch.

Fresh & Seasoned Forest Mulch Available Supplied and delivered in the following size loads: 8m3, 12m3 and 20m3.

a tree removal of total tree services worker

Tree Removal

Despite your best intentions, it is not always possible to avoid removing a tree from your property. Trees of all sizes may be subjected to rot, pests or disease that may structurally compromise the tree and create a potential danger to houses, animals and people.

High winds and storms may cause damage that isn’t readily visible but may render a tree structurally compromised and a danger to your home.

With a complete focus on safety and protection of your valuable assets, Total Tree Services undertake the professional removal of small, medium and large size trees.

Our trained Arborist will inspect your tree and provide appropriate and cost effective advice on its management or removal.

The removal of any trees is undertaken in a structured manner removing all branches one piece at a time using heavy duty equipment and machinery designed specifically for the role. Total Tree Services has access to cranes up to 350 tonne for the removal of very large trees.

a stump grinding and removal of total tree services

Stump Grinding and Removal

Stump Grinding is a specialist service offered by Total Tree Services. The removal of any tree will usually leave some of the stumps in the ground. The stump may sprout again, or it could die and rot creating a haven for termites and other pests. Total Tree Services operates specialist machinery that grinds the stump back to ground level and killing the remains of the tree so that it doesn’t sprout again.

The grinding machine has a heavy duty rotating disc with metal teeth that spin and sweep back and forth across the stump shredding it into fine shavings. Due to safety and operational considerations, the specialist stump grinding machinery cannot be used close to fences or concrete.

a tree transplanting service of total tree services

Tree Transplanting Service

Total Tree Services offer transplanting services for large and mature trees. In particular, our head Arborist Jamie Nairn has a particular interest and skill in transplanting Australian native trees including Bottle Trees and other endangered varieties.

There are many reasons for transplanting trees. Some trees are sold to businesses and transplanted into a new garden as a major feature. Others are transplanted to other locations on a property in the interests of safety or visual appeal. Careful planning is required to ensure the tree is removed safely and transplanted into its new location without the risk of killing the tree.

Contact Total Tree Services for a no obligation consultation on professional tree transplanting services.

a total tree service worker clearing the site

Site Clearing

Total Tree Services contracts to major public entities and private companies to provide site clearing services.

  • Roadside tree clearing for safety – Undertaken by State and Local authorities and private landowners.
  • Eradication of large-scale pest tree infestation.
  • Clearing of large sites for road, infrastructure or mining development.

Contact Total Tree Services to discuss your particular site clearing requirements.

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