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18 years ago, Total Tree Services founder Jamie Nairn channelled his passion for managing trees and flora into a career as a qualified arborist. Benefit from his experience and that of his professional team when deciding on the best options for managing your tree assets, whether it’s tree lopping, pruning or removal.

Total Tree Services is committed to providing cost-effective and environmentally sound tree management services to clients in the Toowoomba region and across the Darling Downs, rural and regional Queensland, and the eastern states of Australia.

Providing professional and cost-effective tree management services are more than just having a chainsaw and ladder. Whether you are seeking a ‘one-off’ tree service, or ongoing tree management work, you can depend on Total Tree Services to deliver on your tree management or clearing requirements.

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Arborial Services

Arborial Services

Arborists are specialists in the care and management of trees. Highly trained through formal education and 'on the job' training, an Arborist can assist individual homeowners, farmers, local authorities and businesses in managing their tree and flora assets.

We are a Professional and Passionate Team Committed to Trees, Sustainability and Environment

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