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Why Chain Saws and Ladders Don’t Mix

Fortunately, we live in a time where safety is a priority and risking lives or costly property damage to save a few dollars isn’t worth the risk. Pruning, lopping or removing large trees is a complex operation, where much of the planning undertaken by a qualified Arborist revolves around ensuring the safety of their crew, nearby residents and protecting valuable buildings and structures.

According to qualified Arborist Jamie Nairn of Total Tree Services, an Arborist will use highly specialised machinery and safety equipment, in addition to industrial grade cutting tools to complete the job in a timely and safe manner. Specialised climbing equipment, harnesses, ropes, helmets, eye and ear protection, cranes and industrial ladders in addition to manual and powered cutting equipment are the basic tools for a professional Arborist. Your Arborist will prune or lop your trees safety leaving the site clean and without any damage. Balancing on a wobbling ladder with a chain saw in one hand and holding a tree branch in the other is a recipe for disaster. It could easily see you in hospital thinking about how you will pay for the damage and injuries caused by your actions.

Safety is everyone’s business. Don’t take chances with unsuitable equipment or untrained people claiming to be experienced at managing tree assets. Total Tree Services provide their customers with peace of mind, 18 years’ experience, and value for money.

Whether it’s pruning and maintaining large trees that provide shade and enhance lifestyle on your property, or cleaning up after storms and natural disasters – Jamie Nairn and Total Tree Services are the answer.

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