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Toowoomba, The Arborist and Wood Rot

Where an area is bursting with a variety of trees, (often large) the issue of tree maintenance is very important. Decay in trees or ‘wood rot’ as it’s commonly known is dangerous for the tree and the people living and working around it. In public areas, it poses the potential danger for people walking by and passing motorists.

Wood rot or decay is often caused by wounds to the trunk from improper pruning, fires, storms, birds or accidental damage through the good old lawn mower. Once the bark is penetrated, it leaves the tree exposed to decay causing fungi, or other diseases that cause rotting and weaken the tree to the point where branches or the truck itself may collapse.

Finding decay in your trees is not a death sentence for that prized piece of flora in the back yard. If identified early enough, cost effective treatment or some careful pruning by a qualified arborist may solve the problem.

The maintenance of your valuable trees involves more than just watering and fertilising. Once a tree grows to a sizable height and width, it will need regular maintenance which includes treatment for decay. Other benefits of removing diseased wood include promoting new growth. Pruning and thinning also provides better air circulation to reduce the wind loading on branches during storms.

Professional arborist Jamie Nairn has seen many instances of ‘wood rot’ caused by improper pruning. If left unchecked, it sometimes requires the removal of the whole tree for the safety of home owners and their home. If you discover some decay in a tree and aren’t sure how to treat the problem and save the tree at the same time, then contact a qualified and experienced arborist. It is a highly successful and cost effective option.

Be it summer or winter, call me, Jamie Nairn the tree expert to discuss the maintenance of your tree assets.

Whether it’s maintaining trees that enhance your lifestyle or cleaning up after storms and natural disasters –my team at Total Tree Services are the answer.

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