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Things to Consider When The Tags Says “Grows to 15 Metres”

So, you say to yourself... "We should plant one of these trees in the back yard for the kids to play in when they grow older.”

What may have sounded like a great idea at the time can sometimes backfire on you. When planting trees in the back yard, you need to consider some potential risks, namely:

  • The size of the tree relative to the available space in the back yard. The tree may cause damage to fences and concrete paths.
  • The proximity of houses and other structures to the large and heavy branches once the tree is fully grown. Large branches may fall onto buildings during storms and the wind causing damage to property and/or injury to people.
  • The root structure of the particular species of tree and whether it will cause damage to building foundations and water pipes.
  • The propensity of the individual tree species to drop branches on a regular basis creating a danger to people.
  • The potential financial cost to you and your neighbours from any of the possible damage outlined above.

The standard ongoing maintenance costs of keeping the tree pruned and healthy. Maintaining your tree asset involves more than just watering and fertilising. Once the tree grows to a sizable height and width, it will need ongoing maintenance. Properly structured pruning and thinning by a qualified arborist such as Jamie Nairn of Total Tree Services will improve the appearance of the tree, promote healthy plant growth and protect people and property.Other benefits include removing dead or diseased wood and promoting new growth and better air circulation to reduce wind loading on branches during storms.

So, when you’re visiting the local nursery or hardware store and admiring the potted trees available for sale, it’s important to consider more than the beautiful picture of the foliage and flowers on the tag. Think carefully about the impact that tree will have in 5, 10 or 15 years and choose wisely. Alternatively, contact your local arborist for reliable and professional advice on tree selection.

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