Quality VS Cost are Important When Deciding on Tree Services

There are many benefits to using qualified and registered arboreal services, and these include:

  • Professional arborists charge fair and reasonable fees taking into account the need for safety and the requirements of the job.
  • Professional tree management services use specialised equipment to ensure the safety of the Arborist, their support staff, and the buildings and facilities owned by the customer.All ropes, climbing gear, ladders, saws, grinders, and other equipment are made to commercial grade strength to ensure the job is completed properly, and according to arboricultural industry best practice standards.
  • Inviting any trade services into your home involves a range of assumptions.  They include the assumption the ‘tradie’ has the skills and experience to professionally complete the task you’re paying them to do.  That’s a guarantee when you engage a qualified arborist who’s a member of the Queensland Arboricultural Association (QAA).
  • Professional Arborists hold appropriate insurance to protect you and your property.
  • According to principal Arborist Jamie Nairn of Total Tree Services, when engaging a professional arborist, you aren’t forced to compromise between quality and cost.  Fair pricing, quality services, and with a strong safety focus is the mark of true arborist.   

    Jamie welcomes enquiries on tree management strategies, and can develop an appropriate plan to fit your circumstances.



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