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Protecting Your Tree Assets Through Surgery

Depending on the circumstances, the tree may be saved through surgery is undertaken by a qualified and experienced arborist. If the tree is very old or commands a special place in your back yard, it’s often worth exploring the option of surgery.

Principal Arborist Jamie Nairn of Total Tree Service considers it a wise move to undertake an inspection of the tree, and where possible develop a treatment plan to save it before you consider more drastic measures like cutting it down. Some of the strategies used in treatment plans include removal of diseased parts, applying specialised chemicals, filling cavities to prevent further decay, and strengthening weaker branches through bracing techniques.

We recommend you engage the highly skilled and experienced team at Total Tree Services to undertake the project ensuring the safety of your tree asset and any buildings and people nearby. Total Tree Services only uses commercial grade equipment, ropes, ladders, saws, and grinders in arboreal services to ensure the job is completed properly and to maintain safety standards.

Total Tree Services holds appropriate insurance cover, so it’s just not worth taking the chance with under qualified and underinsured operators.

Our Senior Arborist Jamie Nairn welcomes enquiries on tree management strategies and can develop an appropriate treatment plan to fit your circumstances.

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