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Preparing for Storm Season with Some Strategic Pruning

In addition to any preparation you might consider for your home and other buildings, it’s also important to undertake work on your valuable tree assets, large and small!

Our Senior Arborist at Total Tree Services, Jamie Nairn advises that loose branches coming from large trees or smaller shrubs pose a danger to people and buildings when blown around by damaging winds.

Total Tree Services recommends scheduled pruning or thinning prior to the start of the storm season to help protect your home.  The removal of weak or nuisance branches will not only minimise the chances of storm damage, it also has the double benefit of promoting healthy regrowth.  Proper structured pruning and thinning will also improve air circulation in and around the tree to reduce wind loading on the branches.  During a storm it could be the difference between a few leaves on the ground versus substantial damage to homes and nearby buildings.

Jamie also recommends regular checking of large trees located close to houses.  Whilst they may appear structurally sound, there may be disease or decay in the trunk that weakens the tree and increases the risk of it falling during a storm.

Total Tree Services welcomes enquiries on tree management strategies in the lead up to the annual storm season, and can develop an appropriate plan to fit your circumstances.  When engaging a professional arborist, you aren’t forced to compromise between quality and cost.  Fair pricing, quality services, and with a strong safety focus is the mark of true arborist.

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