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Navigating the Path Around Tree Protection Rules.

Navigating the path around tree protection laws requires an understanding of the complex web of legislation that exists from state to state, and even from the local authority to local authority.

Before undertaking any tree management work or considering the removal of a whole tree, you need to be certain the work is allowed under local or state laws.

Some of the factors that influence what you can and can't do include:

  • Whether the tree is located in an urban or rural area.
  • Whether the tree sits on a property boundary line or partially on public land.
  • If the tree is situated on rural land, then the property size and zoning will impact your options.
  • If a vegetation protection order covers the tree in question, you may not be able to remove it, even if it's dead.
  • The state and relative health of the tree may also influence your options, particularly if it is located near residential houses and infrastructure.

In Queensland, the State Government has a range of flora and vegetation legislation covering the protection of native flora and forestry assets. Each local council across the state has the right to pass local laws relating to vegetation management and use, provided it isn’t inconsistent with state law.

Before undertaking any tree management work, the team at Total Tree Services recommend consulting your local council for advice on applicable local laws. You can’t undo the work once it's completed, so it's important to save yourself from potential prosecution and associated penalties by researching your rights and responsibilities in advance.

After determining whether you are clear to undertake the proposed work, it’s important to consult a professional arborist for advice on appropriate strategies to undertake the work safely and without danger to people, buildings and other vegetation assets.

Total Tree Services and Senior Arborist Jamie Nairn welcome enquiries on tree management strategies and can develop an appropriate management plan to fit your circumstances.

When working with nature, it never pays to take risks. Total Tree Services provide customers with peace of mind, 18 years’ experience, and value for money.

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