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Insurance For Arborists And Tree Services – Why It Matters!

Added to that is the expectation that if things go wrong, the business you’re dealing with has the resources and insurance to make things right!

It doesn’t take a lot of thought to picture what can go wrong if you employ an inexperienced and/or underinsured Arborist to undertake tree services on your property. Arborists are required to climb large trees and take work that may cause branches and other debris to fall to the ground. Some of the potential risks include people tripping over fallen branches, being hit by flying wood chips or falling trees, and the damage to homes, sheds, fences, and other expensive infrastructure.

Ropes, climbing equipment, ladders, saws, grinders and other equipment used in arboreal services need to be made to commercial strength to ensure the job is completed properly, and to maintain safety standards.

Professional Arborists hold appropriate insurance to cover all the situations outlined above and much more. It’s just not worth taking the chance with under qualified and underinsured operators.

Principal Arborist Jamie Nairn of Total Tree Service recommends asking tree service operators a few key questions before engaging their services.

  1. Are insured for any damage you cause to my home, sheds and property or any injuries to people? That’s a yes from TTS!
  2. Do you use industrial grade machinery and specialised safety equipment? That’s another yes from TTS!
  3. Are you a qualified Arborist and member of a professional association for Arborists? Another yes from TTS!

When employing a qualified Arborist such as Total Tree Services, you will be serviced by qualified and experienced tradespeople with highly specialised equipment, and appropriate insurance to deliver quality project outcomes and value for money.

At Total Tree Services, our Senior Arborist Jamie Nairn welcomes enquiries on tree management strategies, and can develop an appropriate management plan to fit your circumstances.

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