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If You Don’t ‘Lop’ Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

It's usually at that point that you look up and notice the canopy of the trees growing above and think to yourself and then you forget about it until next Spring.

Unfortunately, that procrastination could cost you regarding money and potential property damage.

All trees need regular maintenance including pruning, height reduction and thinning.Jamie Nairn, the Senior Arborist of Total Tree Services, recommends properly structured pruning and thinning to reduce nuisance branches and the reach of a tree.In doing so, it will improve the appearance, promote healthy plant growth, and protect people from falling branches. According to Jamie, pruning and thinning also provides better air circulation to reduce the wind loading on branches during storms, which may prevent damage to your home and other nearby buildings.

While Spring certainly kick starts tree growth, you may need to undertake a bit of tree maintenance at different times of the year depending on individual growth rates and localised conditions.

When conducting tree maintenance, you need to consider many potential risks, namely:

  • The size of the tree about the available space in the back yard.
  • The proximity of houses and other structures to the large and heavy branches.
  • The propensity of the particular tree species to drop branches on a regular basis creating a danger to people.When working with nature, proper preparation is essential to achieving a positive outcome. Call the tree expert Jamie Nairn to discuss the maintenance of your tree assets, be it winter or summer!

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