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How Often Do I Need to Prune My Trees

The maintenance of your valuable trees involves more than just watering and fertilising. Once a tree grows to a sizable height and width, it will need regular maintenance including pruning, height reduction and thinning.

Professional arborist Jamie Nairn advises that properly structured pruning and thinning by a qualified arborist will reduce the height or reach of a tree, while at the same time improve the appearance, promote healthy plant growth and protect people from falling branches. Other benefits include removing dead or diseased wood to promote new growth. According to Jamie,

pruning and thinning also provides better air circulation to reduce the wind loading on branches during storms.

Like all things in nature, tree growth is impacted by seasonal conditions, the availability of water, the richness of the soil, weather and human impact. So, while the colder weather certainly slows tree growth, you may find the need to dive into a bit of tree maintenance at different times of the year depending on individual growth rates and localised conditions.

When working with nature, proper preparation is essential to achieving a positive outcome. Call the tree expert Jamie Nairn to discuss the maintenance of your tree assets, be it winter or the middle of summer!

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