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How Arborist Reports Help Council’s and Property Owners

These include:

  • A structured blueprint or plan covering the ongoing maintenance of the nominated trees;
  • Documented data and recommendations covering the work of the arborist;
  • Accurate advice on the current health of the nominated trees including any risks;
  • Professional advice from an appropriately qualified and insured arborist;
  • Strategies to resolve any identified risks to people or property from the tree/s;
  • A report that is unbiased and objective, and doesn’t attempt to achieve an outcome on behalf of any individual, group or owner.

There are established guidelines from many of the state Arboricultural Associations relating to Arborist reports, and they provide the professional Arborist with a clear structure to follow when preparing their analysis and recommendations. Having that consistency across the industry provides the land owner with greater comfort and gives the Arborist clear guidelines to follow.

Principal Arborist Jamie Nairn of Total Tree Services recommends obtaining an Arborist’s report when you have large trees that need regular maintenance. Total Tree Services holds appropriate insurance cover, so it’s just not worth taking the chance with under qualified and underinsured operators.

Our Senior Arborist Jamie Nairn welcomes enquiries on tree management strategies and can develop an appropriate report to meet your needs.

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