When You See The Old Ute and Ladder – Run! Getting The Right Tree Services
When You See The Old Ute and Ladder – Run! Getting The Right Tree Services

Finding someone to prune, lop or remove a large tree is easy!
But, at what cost?

Professional tree maintenance services are about protecting your other assets as much as it’s about removing or pruning that large tree in the back yard.

According to Jamie Nairn of Total Tree Services, when a homeowner engages someone to remove a tree, they need to ask a few important questions, namely:

Q. Are you insured for any damage you cause to my house? TTS answer: Yes.

Does your insurance cover injuries to your staff and any other people you injure on our property? TTS answer: Absolutely.

Do you use appropriate safety equipment and is it properly maintained? TTS answer: Yes.

What measures will you take to ensure I don’t end up with a tree through my lounge room wall? TTS answer: Total Tree Services staff are fully trained and qualified for their work and only use top quality equipment to ensure your home and assets remain safe.

Are you a qualified arborist? TTS answer: Yes

Jamie and his team provide their customers in Toowoomba, the Darling Downs and across Australia with peace of mind, experience over 18 years, and value for money.

Whether it’s pruning and maintaining large trees that provide shade and enhance lifestyle on your property, or cleaning up after storms and natural disasters – Jamie Nairn and Total Tree Services are the answer.

So when you see an old ute with a dodgy ladder driving up the street – run and close the curtains, then call Total Tree Services.

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